Engage your consumers at the Point of Connection

  • Customize communication to a consumer's smartphone
  • Prompted to deliver only when the consumer is at an account
  • Bring your brands into the digital world
  • Offer an entirely new way to interact with consumers
  • Platform works across on/off premise channels


iBeacon Technology

A strategically placed beacon will allow you to know when a consumer's smartphone is getting near, which will trigger your pre-programmed message and content.

Works on any App

Use your exisiting apps, add it to new ones or leverage a strategic partner's app. Our system works across platforms and applications.

Easy to Set up/Manage

Point, Click, Save. Control, deliver, manage and track your campaigns with ease. Send images, tasting notes, weblinks, videos and sound..all with ease.

Patent Pending Utility

Innovative use of emerging technology. The "Internet of Things" is here. BEVISYS has brought a solution to an age old marketer's dilemma-speaking to a consumer at a moment when it is relative.

How it works

Imagine, entering into an account with a sea of tap handles...a situation your consumers face everyday. Wouldn't you like to have the opportunity to engage them one more time before their decision is made?

A video showing some of the broader applications of the technology.

The Components of the TapTalker Platform

A complete system. Our platform connects the account to the consumer and the consumer to you! The TapTalker platform comprises of 3 essential, and interlocking components: The beacons, the code for the apps (AAK) and the Campaign Manager for controlling content and programs.


  • Simple to Install
  • Universal Fitting Design
  • Discrete-Low Profile
  • Ensures Optimal Placement
  • No Wires - No Configuration
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Patent Pending!

App Activation Kit

  • Enables any app-new or existing
  • No Design Changes Needed
  • Cross Platforms -iOS/Android
  • Fast Deployment
  • Leverage with Partners
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Self Contained!

Campaign Manager

  • Cloud Based
  • Set Up/Launch Campaigns
  • On/Off Trade Activation
  • User Group Permissions
  • Deep Analytics
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Built for CPG!

Imagine the experiences you could create...

  • As a consumer enters a bar - remind them of your promotion
  • As they get closer to the tap handle - provide tasting notes or a promotional video
  • Unlock an "Enter to Win" website only when they are next to to your tap handle
  • When they leave the bar - remind them to about Responsble Use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beacon?

Beacons are devices that communicate with a consumer's smartphone. Built on the Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE platform, beacons send a packet of information identifying itself, and can be read by an enabled smartphone. These beacons can be placed on items such as display racks, artwork or yes, beer tap handles. With the right database behind it, this unlocks unlimited possibilities for proximity marketing. It is projected by 2020 there will be 50 billion (that's billion with a "B") objects connected to the internet, bringing the "Internet of Things" to life.

Does the tap handle talk or make a sound?

No. The TapTalker beacon is secured to the tap handle. This ensures an optimal placement (secure, unobstructed and at the heart of the action). The beacon transmits a radio signal that can be recognized by smartphones. The interaction of the communication occurs with the consumer and their phone, and only when they are in the vicinity of a TapTalker beacon. Messages can be as simple as a line of text to as interactive as videos, website or live cams.

Wait a second, I'll know when someone comes into an account and can send them a message?

In short yes. You won't receive an alert, but through our system you can set conditions by which a consumer receives a message. Perhaps you want to communicate on Monday nights a football beer special. Consumers entering into the range of a beacon with an enabled phone will receive a notification about the offering.

We don't have an app yet, can we still use this?

You'll need an app to connect the system. The app doesn't have to be yours. In fact, we envision our clients leveraging their partnerships with other companies and deploying this across multiple apps to increase their reach.

BEVISYS has a suite of beer and beverage relevant apps (such as our product finder) that we can quickly deploy for you as well. We employ a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to reduce your upfront and long-term costs.

Do consumers have to download or install something?

Not out of the course of the ordinary. They will just need to have an app that has our AAK housed within it. You've probably noticed the little red circle on an app on your own phone indicating an update. An AAK update could easily be deployed in this manner and as part of another maintenance update.

We've already got an app that we like, will we have to change ours?

No. In fact, this is a perfect addition to an app that already has an active and engaged consumer base. You will be able to quickly leverage this technology and start launching campaigns that are engaging and interactive. Imagine doing a digital pub crawl, that requires consumers to go to various bars to unlock a secret "code" or only allowing access to an "enter to win" if the consumer has been to an account with your brand.

We don't want to annoy our consumers. Can they turn this off?

Yes. The system is actually a triple "opt-in" system. They must have an app that you are connected with, allow notifications for that app and engage with any message. With a swipe of the finger, a consumer can disable this from their phone.

With that said, we think it is important for marketers to communicate relevant, timely and engaging content, no matter the medium. By creating interactive and exciting content, consumers can really see this as a benefit. Studies suggest that while consumers generally dislike advertisment, timely and relevent information is generally really well received.

Our IT team is stretched thin. What will we need to do on our end to implement this?

There aren't a lot of resources needed. We've designed this to be easy. Really easy. We know that if this is cumbersome, it will be a barrier for some. We don't want that. We will need to spend a small amount of time loading the Campaign Manager so the data and reporting looks the way you want it to (no programming needed there) and we will need to load the AAK into your apps. This can be done by you or by BEVISYS. It really is as simple as dragging files from one folder and putting them into another folder and typing in some access keys.

This sounds great for on-premise, what about off premise accounts?

Our TapTalker system is designed as a cross-channel platform. We are, however, encouraging our clients to begin with the important on-premise channel and unlock it's potential. Our system fully accomodates on and off premise activation. We use a different beacon housing for off premise environments.

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